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Pet Fitness = Pet Happiness

A pet that receives daily exercise will be happier and healthier. If a pet cannot exercise and play it will become very bored and frustrated. A lot of the behaviour and health issues in pets are due to just not having enough exercise and stimulation.

Commonly seen behaviour/health issues:

• Weight gainDog looking at pink ball
• Barking and whining due to boredom
• Excessive play biting and mouthing
• Digging holes in the backyard
• Chewing and destroying objects, including your favourite pair of shoes
• Garbage raiding and stealing food off the bench
• Hyperactivity, excitability and night-time activity
• Uncontrolled impulses, jumping up on people
• Excessive predatory behaviours

 Benefits of daily exercise:

• Maintain a healthy weight
• Helps prevent the behaviour/health issues listed above
• Connects your pet with the outside world and reduces anxiety and fear.
• Ensures your pet and yourself get a good night sleep
• Ensure the joints and muscles stay fit
• Helpful in maintaining mobility in arthritic pets
• Gives your pet the opportunity to toilet and reduces constipation and digestion issues

Just 15 – 30 minutes of regular exercise can be enough to keep your pet healthy and happy. Check out the below video for ideas.