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knee reconstruction

TTAWeight loss/maintenance is an important factor to help with rehabilitation following surgery. Fortunately prior to surgery, Jonas was started on a weight loss diet. Due to his injury he could not exercise & so a calorie restricted diet was necessary. We used Hills metabolic & he lost 3kgs before his surgery!

Jonas received a knee reconstruction surgery called a TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) by our Senior Veterinary Surgeon Dr Julian. This surgery uses plates & screws to stabilise the knee once the bones of the knee are realigned. We used digital x-rays taken before surgery to measure the size of the bones of the knee & calculated various angles to decide on the specific size of orthopaedic implants needed & tailored the surgery to suit his knee. Although a TTA involves the cutting & movement of bone, it avoids the need to cut through the tibia (shin bone) completely & so there is no change to the weight bearing surface as is required with other currently available realignment techniques (there is also no potential for snapping or loosening of the prosthetic ligaments used in some alternative surgeries). Visit our website to see a video of Jonas walking at 6 days & again at 4 weeks post-surgery.

This photo is of Jonas at his 10 day post op check to remove his skin sutures & start his intensive rehab program. This involves range of movement exercises, lifting of the forelimb on the same side of the operated leg to encourage weight bearing & over the next 12 weeks he will progress to walking up hills, stairs, sit/stand exercises & eventually some supervised swimming!

Jonas was lucky to have such devoted owners, as his injury did not come at the best time. To complicate matters, his owners had some exciting news as they welcomed their first child to the family & she was only few days old at the time of the major surgery for Jonas. We hope his recovery continues smoothly & have him back to his playful self!